Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ruth's Jumanji chicken (or delicious chicken and broccoli bake)

There is a time when you just think enough is enough. Amazingly, it is only possible to work for so long before your tear ducts dry up from the sobbing that accompanies quotation learning, and formulae memorising, and your fingers begin to go into spasm from the death grip you had on your pen. 

That time came last Saturday evening, and this meal was the result. The recipe had been sitting on my desk for at least two weeks, and the ingredients in the fridge for a couple of days before I finally pulled my finger out and got in the kitchen. As a result of the extremely slow speed at which I work, this took an hour to get from chopping board to table. 

Just as an aside, I think that my photography skills are somewhat lacking but hopefully with practice ... 



chicken breasts (roughly one per person) - diced or cut up into strips
broccoli (chopped up roughly) - enough to lay the bottom of casserole dish
cream of chicken soup (depends on size of dish - took two cans for mine - needs to be enough to cover broccoli and chicken once it's layered in the dish)
1 tbsp mayonnaise - never changes
1 - 2 tbsp curry powder 
1 tsp lemon juice (optional)
ready salted crisps - enough for crispy topping
grated cheddar cheese - also for topping
1 crushed garlic clove and butter for greasing

Doesn't even take ten steps! Success!
1. Stir fry chicken.
2. Steam/cook broccoli - 3 and 1/2 minutes in the microwave did the job for me
3. Rub garlic and butter round your dish
4. Layer broccoli and chicken in dish
5. Mix soup, curry powder, mayonnaise (and lemon juice) together
6. Pour mixture over chicken and broccoli 
7. Crush crisps to form a top crust over mixture and top with grated cheese
8. Cook in the oven at about 180.C - 200.C until the cheese is melted and brown and topping      is crunchy
9. Leave to sit for a couple of minutes and then serve. 

Honestly, it's delish! 

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