Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Guest post: Mr Thapa's Breakfast Noodles

Happy new year!!! 2012 has now officially been and gone, and the challenge of 12 for 2012 was met. Points to me for actually following through for once - wooooooo. To celebrate the new year and the end of the official challenge, I bring to you a present. It's like a late Christmas present or alternatively just a present to me, which says that I've done enough and it's high time to let someone else take a shot. Either way, today I would like to share with you my family's breakfast noodle extravaganza...

In late October, we had a Nepali gentleman staying with us for just under a week. Mr Thapa was over in Scotland participating in an 'educational exchange' between our school and his school in western Nepal. It really was the best week - we actually had breakfast around the table together (obviously attempting to cultivate the impression that we are civilised - that's a joke, but anyway...) and we left for school at a slightly more civilised time than normal. All good things!

On the last morning, Mr Thapa said that he would cook us breakfast - a typical meal that he would eat at home. I don't know what I was expecting, but noodles was most certainly not it!

It's not a secret that I am not exactly a spice fiend. In fact, it's not a secret that I am a complete and utter spice wuss and cry 'uncle' at the first hint of peppery-ness, let alone the chilli powder that went into these noodles. Chilli powder, onion, and some kind of chicken seasoning at seven o'clock in the morning. Imagine my shock, and to a certain extent, abject horror!

Not too different from the instant noodles that I would normally favour, but just a tad hotter. The flush staining my cheeks served only to amuse my parents as they watched the steam pour from my ears with every bite. That said, it was a surprisingly palatable treat for breakfast, and a far cry from the normal Weetabix mulch of school mornings.

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